Kobe-Kotoba to be worn casually

Kobe-Kotoba to be worn casually


"KOBE-KOTOBA" (Kobe Kotoba) is a t-shirt featuring the Kobe dialect, which sounds vaguely elegant due to its relaxed speech style, and the exotic, luxurious cityscape where you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains. Why don't you wear your love for Kobe in a casual way while enjoying fashion?


    The word "yatte-mota" means "I've done it. It is used when you fail at something, but it is often used in the sense of "I just did it.
  • Old settlement
    KOBE Old settlement
    Speaking of retro and photogenic streets, the "Old Kobe Settlement" has developed the history of Kobe along with exotic cultures.
  • CHAU
    It means "to be different. In some cases, it can mean "isn't it? It can also mean, "Isn't it? "Isn't that enough?
  • KOBE Port tower
    KOBE Port tower
    The area around the Port Tower is known as a landmark of Kobe. You can even take a cruise ship to see the city of Kobe from the sea.

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